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The Rivetto family began making wine in 1902 in Montaldo Scarampi, a small village located in the Asti region. In 1921 they decided to move in the old part of Alba, where they began a successful wine business. Nearly 40 years later, in 1939, Ercole, the family’s patriarch, secured the winery’s future when he purchased the Loirano estate from the Counts of Vassallo. The estate sits 400 meters above sea level, occupying 89 acres that face the spectacular Serralunga d’Alba Castle and the charmingly picturesque village of Sinio. The methods of preparing the grapes are the result of four generations of wine making. Evolving technology combined with the region’s fertile soil and the vineyard's mineral deposits work in perfect harmony. In the last decade, the Rivetto enterprise has steadily grown in diverse ways. The family has purchased some acres of vineyard land in Serralunga d’Alba, which promises to extend their production.

Production Area
Country: Italy
Region: Piedmont
Appellation: Barolo DOCG

Grape Varieties
100% Nebbiolo

After 5 years of aging, Barolo may crown itself with the title of “Reserve”. Rivetto select their Barolo Riserva from the barrels with the greatest potential for ageing and it is at its best after 15-20 years.
40 months in 30 hectoliter oak barrels from Slavonia and in 225 liter French oak barrels.

Special selection of our Barolos that presented a high aptitude for ageing in our in-barrel tastings. A wine that expresses its best over the long term. The extra years of ageing guarantees the greater smoothness of the tannins and an intense bouquet.


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