Jean-Claude Mas has blazed the trail for premium winemaking in the Languedoc. Since taking the helm of Domaines Paul Mas in 2000, his driving mission has been to craft superior wines with a modern, New World flair. Produced using only premium quality grapes from his portfolio of estates throughout the Languedoc, this innovative vintner is helping to turn this winemaking region into one of the most interesting and dynamic in France.

Jean-Claude Mas has significantly grown and enhanced Domaines Paul Mas with the acquisition of several carefully selected properties throughout the Languedoc. His portfolio of estates now accounts for over 440 acres of premium vineyards, planted with 25 different varieties, including Syrah, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Viognier and Chardonnay. Above all else, his vineyards are maintained at the utmost quality so as to yield the highest caliber grapes.

At the heart of Domaines Paul Mas is the winery. Jean-Claude has augmented his family’s centuries-old winemaking expertise with significant investments in modern equipment and techniques, including stainless steel tanks, pneumatic presses and sophisticated temperature control. Jean-Claude is also a regional leader in the adoption of eco-friendly winemaking practices.

Jean-Claude strives to make wines with authenticity and refinement. Together with his passion, creativity and intuition, the end result is a family of magnificently charming wines that burst with personality and express perfectly their unique terroirs. As a result, the Domaines Paul Mas portfolio of wines is resonating with wine lovers around the world. Along with awards and accolades, the estate continues to enjoy year-on-year growth with wines sold in nearly twenty countries worldwide.

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