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“Remain close to the source in order to better understand the constraints, but also harness its potential.” This maxim guides Ogier’s principles in producing some of the most awarded wines from the Châteauneuf-du-Pape appellation. The estate’s vineyards are spread throughout several small valleys, covered in its hallmark round pebbles and stones. By reflecting the sun’s heat, this stony soil enables grapes to retain exceptional levels of ripeness to produce large-bodied and complex wines that make Ogier one of the foremost houses in the Rhône Valley.
Sheltered in a very quiet place, the Lirac grows away from the beaten track, also called “caminé” in Provencal language. That is why this cru, which was born during the Middle Age, makes high quality wines. Its red fruits and garrigue aromas bring a typical roundness.

Production Area
Lirac (Rhône Valley), France

Grape Varieties
80% Grenache, 15% Syrah, 5% Mourvèdre

Red terraces with pebbles, loess and safres. Destemming – crushing – cold pre-fermentation maceration (12°C) during 4 days – controled temperature during maceration and long vatting of 25 days for the Grenache and 35 days for the other grape varieties – 2 times of racking during fermentation and light racking – punching down the cap during maceration – devatting upon tasting.

Beautiful intensity and deep ruby color.

Bouquet of red and black fruits, garrigue and spices

Gains complexity and develops notes of leather, liquorice, truffle and cocoa with ageing. Well balanced with tannic, aromatic strength balancing the characteristic fullness and smoothness. Significant ageing potential.



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