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Since 1626, the Trimbach family has been promoting the history, exceptional terroirs and fine wines of Alsace. Maison Trimbach is located in Ribeauvillé, where today three generations work closely together. Day-to-day operations are handled personally by brothers Pierre and Jean Trimbach, representing the 12th generation. Bernard and Hubert Trimbach, the 11th generation (father and uncle, respectively, to Pierre and Jean) remain integrally involved. Anne, the eldest of the 13th generation, has just joined the family business.

The Trimbachs have a purist vision. Across 12 generations, the family has always produced wines that are structured, long-lived, fruity, elegant and balanced: the celebrated Trimbach style. Bottles remain in the cellar for several years before reaching the marketplace, ensuring the wines are both ready to drink upon release but also hold great aging potential.

Production Area
Country: France
Region: Alsace

Clos Sainte-Hune is an historic and respected vineyard in the village of Hunawihr, central Alsace. It is a monopole of Domaine F.E. Trimbach, and has been owned by the Trimbach family for over two centuries. The average annual production of Trimbach’s Clos Saint Hune is only 8,000 to 9,000 bottles, depending on the quality of the vintage, making it a rare, unique wine sought after by collectors worldwide.

Grape Varieties
100% Riesling

Calcareous soil allows this Riesling to develop a specific aroma with a wonderful concentration of fruits and minerality. Dry yet succulent, of phenomenal complexity, this wine develops an extraordinary aftertaste of minerals after a few years in bottle. The vineyard is densely planted with vines that are approximately 50 years of age. Bottle-aged for a minimum of 5 years before leaving the winery.

Very pale straw with green hues

Aromas of quinine, mint, lime, white flowers and white truffle

Remarkable concentration of fruit with a hint of mineral on the finish.



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