The story starts in 1993 when Eric Nesson bought 11ha of prime vines in Saint-Pourçain. In 1998, his wife Valerie joined him resulting in an additional 6 hectares. To this point they were growers, not vinifying and selling all their production to the local coop.
This continued until there nephew Florent joined the family business. Florent’s dream was always to return to Saint-Pourçain and vinify his family holdings.
Prior to joining the family business, Florent travelled to the Loire valley to study oenology because white wine is king there.
He later travelled to New Zealand and South Africa in order to have first-hand experience in different white wine vinification techniques. When he returned to France, Florent was selected to be the winemaker at a renowned Vouvray estate for three years. In 2013, Florent felt he was ready to vinify his own wine and built his own winery. He now vinifies his family’s property and is widely considered one of the best in St-Pourçain, as he’s represented in many of the top Michelin restaurants in Paris.


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