Domaine Valcolombe had been abandoned since 1936. In 1993, husband and wife, Pierre and Marie Leonetti, both doctors, fell in love with the property and decide to bring it back to life. The first harvest will took place in 1995 and 3 years later the winery was fully completed.
In 2012, Philippe and Marie-Hélène Grammont bought the estate that they fell in love with instantly.
Philippe had been working for Veuve Clicquot for almost 30 years and Marie- Hélène’s family are the owners of the very famous Château Bordeaux Léoville-Poyferré and Château Le Crock. They invested their hard earned savings to buy Domaine Valcolombe.
Today, Philippe and Marie-Helene both manage this beautiful estate of 15 acres of vines and 120 olive trees. Their experience, passion and joie de vivre shine through in their wine.

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