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Vineyard owner, Henri Darnat, says that making great wines requires patience and “the courage to wait”; waiting for optimum ripeness to time the harvest as the September weather can be changeable, waiting on the wines as they ferment with their own natural rhythm barrel by barrel, waiting and tasting the wines so they are bottled at their optimum point of purity and liveliness. The pride of his work is that his wines are represented on the best restaurant lists of France and the world.

Production Area
Country: France
Region: Burgundy
Appellation: Bourgogne

The vineyards and trading activity have existed in the Darnat family since the nineteenth century. In keeping with their ancestors’ philosophy, the Darnat vineyards, now headed by Henri Darnat, are worked by hand, without chemical fertilizers or herbicides. Darnat’s Bourgogne Blanc comes from a blend of clay and rocky limestone soils.

Grape Varieties
100% Chardonnay

Brilliant white-gold color

Expressive nose of floral scents, white fruit, peach and pear.

This wine is fresh and perfumed nuanced with fresh fruit and mineral flavors.



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