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The Domaine des Remizières is a family winery of three generations. The first vineyard in was approximately 4 hectares. Since 1973, the estate has grown to 30 hectares and now is estate bottled. At the beginning, Alphonse managed the domain. In 1977 Philippe, his son, settled down and decided to market all the production in bottles. In 2005, Emilie, Philippe’s daughter, degreed in oenology joined her father. Currently, the domain encompassed the appellations of Crozes Hermitage (red and white), Hermitage (red and white) and Saint Joseph (only red).

Production Area
France, Rhône Valley, Crozes Hermitage Contrôlée

Grape Varieties
100% Syrah

Traditional wine making process with closed temperature controlled tanks. Maturation for 12 months in large casks.

Ruby color

The nose reveals red fruit aromas with notes of spices.

The silky tannins make this wine round and refined.


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