Antonin Guyon was relatively mature when he embarked upon his vine-owning journey in the 1960s, purchasing his first parcels of land in Burgundy’s Gevrey and Meursault appellations at 55-years old. Today, Domaine Antonin Guyon is one of the most prestigious estates, as well as one of the largest single family-owned wineries, in the region.

Based in Savigny-les-Beaune, this 47 hectare property is now controlled and operated by Antonin’s sons, Dominique and Michel (left). Together, they have created a model winery, producing wines of impeccable quality from 15 different appellations, including some of the most renowned villages of the Côte d’Or. The biggest single addition to the family’s holdings came in 1970 after Dominique patiently transformed hundreds of small parcels from 80 Hautes Cotes de Nuits growers in Meuilley into a single, 22 hectare block of south-facing vines.

Domaine Antonin Guyon has become a firm favorite of wine lovers and connoisseurs worldwide for its exceptional range of wines, particularly its Premiers and Grands Crus. The brothers indeed pay painstaking detail to quality at every stage in the winemaking process. Each wholly-owned vineyard is impeccably kept, for example, and, during harvest picking is done 100% by hand; the goal is to get grapes to the cellars within 30 minutes, where they are then sorted for a second time. The harvesters are also intimately familiar with the vineyards, some participating for 25 years and more.

Domaine Antonin Guyon whites are pneumatically bladder-pressed before descending into barrels for fermentation, malolactic and aging. Reds are completely destemmed, and go into large open top wooden fermenters for a 4 to 6 day cold maceration, followed by a low temperature fermentation to preserve and enhance aromatics. Wines are then aged for 12 to 18 months in oak barrels, of which only 25% are new.

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