Bordeaux is the largest vineyard for appellation wines in the whole of France. Situated in the South West near the Atlantic, it is crossed by the rivers Garonne and Dordogne and enjoys a temperate maritime climate. The richness, the quality and the diversity of its wines derive from the particular character of the terroirs, the experience of the winegrowers and the art of blending. The tide, which flows up both of the region's rivers, brings very specific characteristics to the wines. With its huge size, Bordeaux reds offer an infinite palette of flavours and combine their qualities in myriad different ways.
Situated in Daubèze at 100 metres above sea level, the vineyards of Château Les Pasquets enjoy an ideal exposition and the soils are particularly fertile. The property is the result of successive associations between farming families. Historically they combined viticulture with crop and livestock farming. The grandchildren of the families Sahunet and Delugin opted to specialize in viticulture in the middle of the 1970s.

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