Château Haut Gléon was built back in the early 13th century, when the Viscount of Narbonne gave the land to the Treilles family which took the “De Gléon” name. The Lords of Gléon were elevated to Marquis in 1750, with the first to hold the title being Jean-Baptiste de Treille, Lord of Gléon. The last Marquis of Gléon and his son were assassinated on the estate on 12 November 1830. The Marquise of Gléon sold the estate in March 1861 to Mr Hyppolyte Bonnes who was to divide it in two between his two sons in 1874. It was in 1991 that the Duhamel family purchased the upper part of the estate of Gléon. The new owners decided to change its name to “Château Haut Gléon”. In the space of 20 years, they transformed it into a prestige venue, a residence for artists and one of the winegrowing flagships of the Languedoc. Les Vignobles Foncalieu bought the estate in 2012.

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