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Château Bellevue is located on 84 hectares of vineyard and produces a range of Bordeaux whites and reds. The château is located on a large hill, overlooking the vineyards, and is locally nicknamed the “Tuscany of Bordeaux”. Winemaker, Daniel Sore, utilizes the art of modern wine-making to produce Bordeaux wines that are characteristic of the local terroir.

Production Area
Bordeaux, France

Appellation: AOC Entre-deux-Mers

Soil/Vineyard: Clay and limestone

Grape Varieties
50% Sauvignon Blanc, 50% Sémillon

White-yellow hues reflect bright green tones.

Complex and pleasant with notes of yellow fruits, peaches, and mangoes.

Château Bellevue is a crisp wine with exotic nuances which ends with a pleasant freshness.



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